Development of interior design is the beginning of professional and high-quality repairs.
Interior design from the company UBC – is the embodiment of style, coziness and comfort.
After signing the contract for repair work, we provide a FREE professional 3D visualization of future repairs, taking into account all the customer’s wishes.
When choosing an interior, the designers of our company will help you with the choice of style, plan the optimal arrangement of furniture, and your room will become cozy, beautiful and functional.
At us you can also order exclusive interior design, depending on individual preferences.
When creating an individual interior design, designers start their work with a choice of style and
concept development. After the concept is approved, the designers will create a unique design project, and will also compile all the technical documentation necessary for carrying out all repair work.
Entrust us with the creation of a design project, and we will realize as much as possible what you dream about!

Interior in a classic style

— is a spirit of respectability, beyond the bounds of time. Used expensive, high-quality materials: stone, natural wood, silk, velvet, as well as various techniques of decorative finishes: “Venetian” plaster, artistic wall painting, bas-reliefs, molding.

European style

— for this style are characterized by: the minimum number of walls, large rooms, functional areas,
highlighted with the color of walls, floor, ceiling and sliding doors. Materials used: stone, glass, mirror, wood.


— is a minimum of furniture and accessories, all a bit simple and strict. A lot of free space, everything is very functional.

Avant-garde style

— this is the opposite of the classical style. The main role is assigned to color, since the main idea of ​​the avant-garde style is the contrast.


— a modern industrial and urban style of the interior, characterized by an abundance of open space and the presence of industrial elements (very high ceilings, unfinished brick walls, exposed beams and pipes, cement flooring.

High tech

— refers to the modern futuristic style, the main idea of ​​which lies in the aesthetics of textures and design solutions that are used in the interior in tandem with modern materials with new technologies.

Scandinavian style

— the predominance of natural light tones with the use of natural simple materials, which have to order, ergonomics and tranquility.

Japanese style

— strict design, straight shapes, natural materials. The main thing in this style is unity with nature,
harmony and elements of ancient oriental culture.

Vintage style

— mixed style, which involves the mandatory availability of accessories reminiscent of the retro era.

CHATO style

— reminiscent of rural life, while at the expense of the decor of the elements has an unusual charm.

Ar Nouveau style

— multi-genre, elegant style, where there are practically no right angles and lines in favor of the main natural movement.

Art Deco style

— combines neoclassicism, gracefulness, streamlined lines, elegance and at the same time
monumentality. It has several directions.

African style

— impulsive, dynamic, bright. The primary role is given to the colors, geometric African ornaments,
accessories and interior items made by hand in the countries of the African continent.