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A perfect imitation of traditional ceramic clinker with a wide range of advantages and a wide range of uses, from simple decorative elements to the facades of commercial multi-storey buildings and the restoration of architectural monuments.

Elastoclin flexible clinker can be used for both exterior and interior wall decoration. Due to its flexibility, variety of colors and textures, and most importantly, its durability is suitable for any surfaces. And due to its low weight, it is absolutely safe for use on high-rise buildings, in contrast to standard clinker cladding.

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  • High weather resistance, moisture resistant, vapor permeable;
  • Environmentally friendly, natural natural structure;
  • Elastic;
  • Light weight;
  • Safe use on high-rise buildings;
  • Ease of installation, minimum costs;
  • Wide range of colors, individual color is possible;
  • Wide range of applications, both for external and internal work;
  • Cutting the material with ordinary scissors;
  • Acquires hardness together with glue;
  • Does not require additional processing;
  • Service life is more than 50 years;

Meet all the requirements of the modern construction market.

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We offer time-tested solutions for the texture of clinker tiles. Solutions that will satisfy even the most sophisticated customers.

The uniqueness of the appearance textures from the original brickwork to the exclusive in the Loft style.

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Flexible clinker “ELASTOCLIN” – is made on the basis of a clinker mixture with the use of functional additives. A special recipe determines the absolute environmental friendliness of our product.

The basis of the composition is:

  • Quartz sand (about 90%);
  • A binder based on polyacrylic;
  • Color pigments based on iron oxide;
  • Water absorption less than 1.5%
  • Frost resistance over 200 cycles
  • Water vapor permeability 30 grams / sq.m. / day
  • UV resistance 8 points (maximum)
  • Weight 4 kg / sq.