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Magnetic track lights offer their owners ample opportunities. A classic chandelier in the living room or a pair of bedside lamps in the bedroom are no longer enough for a modern interior. We already need something more, stylish and functional at the same time. The magnetic track light allows you to play with the luminous flux, directing it in the desired direction and highlighting or hiding certain places in the room in the shade. Such a system can consist of a large number of elements of different shapes and designs, each of which will play its own role.

Luminaires on a magnetic rail are selected taking into account their location. It is important that they are in harmony with the interior. Light sources are placed on the busbar – a metal profile that is suspended or screwed to the ceiling. Track lights on the magnetic bus can be installed and connected even after most of the repair work has been done.

Benefits of magnetic track lights

  • design skills – the ability to create a unique atmosphere through the play of light and shadow;
  • directional stream of light – you can point to highlight the right places in the room;
  • height adjustment of sources – multilevel lighting will make the room visually more complex and interesting;
  • energy saving – use an LED track light on a magnetic rail and reduce electricity consumption;
  • practicality – modern systems are made of durable materials with a long service life, they do not require special maintenance.

You can purchase magnetic track lights from our company.

Decorate your home with an innovative lighting system and see how much it can change the perception of a room.